Lecture 13: Statement-Level Control Structures

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what is a control statement
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Statements that provide capabilities such as selecting among alternative control flow paths or causing the repeated execution of certain collection of statements

what are selection statments
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[1] Selection statements: choose between two or more execution paths in a program. [2] Two-way selection statements: select one of two execution paths [3] Multiple-selection statements: select one of many execution paths,

give an example of Two-way selection statements
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if-then-else statements.

give an example of Multiple-selection statements:
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Switch statements.

what are Iterative Statements
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[1] Mechanism for the repeated execution of a statement or a compound statement. [2] It is implemented either by various loops (iteration) or recursion

whata re the 2 forms of Logically-Controlled Loops
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Pre-test and Post-test

explain pre-test lopps
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Pre-test: Loop condition is tested before execution of loop body. In most languages: while loop. Pascal: while ... do.

explain post-test loops
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Post-test: loop body is executed before condition is tested. Loop body is executed at least one time. Normally: do ... while. In Pascal: repeat ... until.

what is Unconditional Branching
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statements that change control follow without any condition

give some examples of unconditional branching statmens
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break, continue, and return.

what does bnreak do?
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break provides unconditional exits from loops.

What does continue do?
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continue skips the remainder of the current iteration, but does not exit the loop.

What does return do?
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return terminates function/method calls.

what does an Unlabelled break break do
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An unlabelled break statement terminates switch, for, while, or do-while statement. It terminates the innermost of such statements when they are nested.

What does a labled break do?
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A labeled break terminates an labelled statement and control flow is transferred to the statement immediately following the labelled (terminated) control statement.

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