Korean traditional foods

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fermented vegetables
Everyone that goes to Korea has seen kimchi, it is everywhere as a side dish, careful it's normally really spicy!
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mixed ride
Another popular dish is Bibimbap, it is a mix of vegetables rice egg and if you want you can add meat too!
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marinated meat
It is one of the most popular korean dishes throughout the world. Who said korean food is always spicy?
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stir-fried noodles
This is a traditional Korean noodle dish made up of stir-fried sweet potato, shredded vegetables, beef, and sauce.
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sweet pancake
If you want something sweet than this is for you! You can find this pancakes everywhere in the street, they can have many fillings like honey and red bean paste.
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spicy rice cake
If you watched korean dramas than you have seen this already, this is a really popular snack/meal sold everywhere in korea, people normally have eggs and fish cakes together with it.
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pork strips
This kind of meat is commonly seen in the korean bbq places. Try it wrapped in lettuce and with sauce, it will be delicious!
Haemul Pajeon
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seafood vegetable pancake
Another very famous dish is the korean seafood pancake, if you go to korea be sure to try it, it tastes better near the sea.
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cold buckwheat noodle
During a hot day there is nothing better than a refreshing dish, Naengmyeon is a common cold Korean noodle dish that consists of long noodles, cucumbers, slices of Korean pear, slices of beef and a boiled eggs.
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korean seaweed rolls
This dish is great for people who don't like to eat raw fish in sushi, because all the ingredients are cooked, you can put anything you want inside. This is the perfect picnic food.

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