In an interview - Numa entrevista

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Thank you for the opportunity.
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Obrigado pela oportunidade.
I think I have the profile you are looking for.
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Eu gostaria de trabalhar com a sua equipe de trabalho.
Could you please say that again?
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Pode repetir por favor?
Could you please tell me what are the company's benefits?
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Pode me dizer por favor quais são os benefícios da empresa?
I've always been interested in working in your company.
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Eu sempre estive interessado em trabalhar na sua empresa.
masculine; feminine - interessada
I really liked the profile of the job.
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Eu gostei muito do perfil do emprego.
também: trabalho
I could help in the advertising area.
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Eu posso te ajudar na área de publicidade.
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