In a bank - No banco

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Sorry, I forgot my identification.
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Desculpe, esqueci o meu RG.
registro geral
Could you tell me my available balance?
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Pode dizer-me o saldo que tenho disponível.
I've lost my checkbook, I would like to ask for another one.
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Eu perdi o meu livro de cheques. Eu gostaria de pedir um novo.
Could I order a new checkbook, please?
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Posso pedir um novo livro de cheques, por favor?
I have to go to the cash machine.
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Eu tenho que ir ao caixa eletrônico,
I would like to open an account.
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Eu gostaria de abrir uma conta.
I would like to withdraw a large amount.
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Eu gostaria de sacar uma larga quantia de dinheiro.
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