Finnish idioms 301 - 350

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päivä on pulkassa
the day is in a sled
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Calling it a day.
nyt otti ohraleipä
now it took a barley bread
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when something bad happens, to get into trouble
tulla suru puseroon
to have sorrow enter one's shirt
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to get down/sad
olla tossun alla
to be under a slipper
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to have a very commanding partner and being under their rule; not doing anything without their permission, and doing anything they ask for
mennä pupu pöksyyn
to have a bunny go into one's pants
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to get scared/nervous and back down from something that one was planning to do
mennä halpaan
to go into cheap
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to get tricked, to believe something that's not true
nukkua pommiin
to sleep into a bomb
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to oversleep
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