Finnish idioms 1 - 50

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korjata luunsa
to pick up one's bones
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to finally get around to leaving
vetää nenästä
to pull someone's nose
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to trick someone
mennä putkeen
to go into the tube
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to succeed, to work according to the plan
heittää lusikka nurkkaan
to throw the spoon into the corner
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to die or to give up
tehdä kärpäsestä härkänen
to make an ox (diminutive) of a fly
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the English equivalent is "don't make a mountain out of a molehill"; to exaggerate a thing or a situation, to make too much of a minor issue
juosta kieli vyön alla
to run tongue under the belt
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to be in a hurry
heittää hanskat tiskiin
to throw gloves on the desk
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to give up
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