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start learning
My french is r*
to make progress
start learning
to * progress
start learning
not possible to dispute
to be hit to differnt degree
start learning
to be hit * differnt degree
to some degree, to a large degree, or to a certain degree
start learning
one who thrives
start learning
a group of items
by filck of a switch
start learning
almost instantly
My mind boggles at the amount of money they spend on food. It boggles the imagination, doesn't it?
start learning
to (cause something or someone to) have difficulty imagining or understanding something:
start learning
habitated by arabs
to deny
start learning
to say that something is not true
He will not confirm or deny the allegations. She denied knowing the whereabouts of the hidden treasure. He denied the allegations against him in court.
to refuse
start learning
to say that you will not do or accept something
He asked me to give him another loan, but I refused. He's in trouble but he's refused all (my offers of) help. On cold mornings the car always refuses to start. The local council refused him planning permission to build an extra bedroom.
I'm ignorant of
start learning
I'm ignorant *
start learning
likely to change often
start learning
to intentionally not listen or give attention to
to get thngs done
start learning
to *things done
the global economy the German/US economy This can be done by machines with more speed and economy. She writes with such economy - I've never known a writer say so much in so few words.
start learning
the system of trade and industry by which the wealth of a country is made and used
the intentional saving of money or, less commonly, the saving of time, energy, words, etc.:
I'm afraid my grasp of economics is rather limited. Shelley is taking economics at university. Both their children graduated with degrees in economics.
start learning
the way in which trade, industry, or money is organized, or the study of this

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