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1. check check

Check, please.
In the U.S., it is common for people to write a check instead of paying cash.
I check off each task on my list as soon as I complete it.
When it is appraised, in order to check the authenticity and state of preservation of the painting, the real thing has to be borrowed from its owner.
Christopher Columbus has never, ever needed a native check.
The French are a really strange people: every other person who reads this sentence will check if the space before the colon is really thin and non-breaking.
What happened to your nose? "When I was backing my car up I went to check behind me, convinced that the car window was open, and bashed my face into it!"
Therefore I'm giving up for now. I'll still try to check out other possibilities but ... I think hopes are slim.
If I were invisible for 24 hours, I would fill in lots of checks.
Hope is when you suddenly run to the kitchen like a mad man to check if the empty chocolate cookie box you just finished an hour ago is magically full again.
When I got worried and went to check on him, it looked like he'd barricaded himself in the department's toilet and wasn't coming out.
Quiet! Everybody stay where they are, there will now be a possessions check.
Location check: The parties involved themselves or their attendants should look over the place for the miai meeting in advance.
When Yoko and I heard the sirens stop nearby, we quickly decided to go check it out.

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2. look up look up

Could someone look up this word in a dictionary?
I look up all new words using my online dictionary.
You should look up words you don't know in the dictionary.
I need to look up her number.
look up
look up a dictionary
Students should have a dictionary to look up the unknown words.
Don't look up if you don't have your sunglasses on.
If you don't know this word, just look it up in a dictionary. I'll look up his number in the phone book. I don't know the address of the hospital - can you look it up on the Internet?
Finally things are starting to look up - I've been offered a job and I'm going on my first date in years!
I will have to look up the new words.
look for an address, name, word, etc. in a book, list, etc./I takes time to look up new vocabulary words.
look up a phone number, word
You should look up words I borrowed from you?
when you click a link, your browser has to first look up the link's host in order to load the subsequent page

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3. inspect inspect

If you don't mind, may we inspect your suitcase?
You should inspect the car well before you buy it.
People love to inspect each other's houses.
I've been given permission to inspect this equipment.
Hey! There's an American who speaks Uyghur here! Hurry up and get over here to inspect his computer!
Right, I'll check your work, OK? "Please go ahead and inspect. I think I gave it a good go."

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4. check up check up

I’m not sure what time the train leaves – we’d better check up.

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5. check out check out

We should check out before noon.
Can somebody check out who is at the door?
check out of your room at 10 a.m
Well, you'd better check out his sister.
I check out a state of oil in a car
We have to check out of the hotel by 10 a.m.
These days, you do not need to see through those peepholes to check out who is at the door ringing your doorbell.
When did you check out?
You have to check out at 7 if you want to catch the plane at 9.
to examine something or get more information about it in order to be certain that it is true, safe, or suitable: We'll need to check out his story.
Let’s go and check out this new Chinese place tonight.
You should check out The Museum of Bad Art.
I'd like to check out
Don't check her out, she's my girlfriend! Hey, check out this car! / I've checked out and asked for the bill.

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6. to look at the book or computer in order to find a piece of information to look at the book or computer in order to find a piece of information

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7. cheque cheque

I wrote a cheque for £300.
Please take your cheque.
We give the money to Helen and she always sends off the cheque.
If you don't have any cash, just write me a cheque.
It seems no-one pays with cheques anymore.
I'll pay by cheque.
I will write you a cheque for 500 pounds
As soon as I received the cheque, I went to the bank.
You have to open the envelope carefully so as not to damage the cheque.

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8. check up on check up on

Call our dear friend and ask him to check up on what Bella said - I don't think I trust her.
Don't worry about the house while you're on holiday. I'll check up on it from time to time.

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9. look something up look something up