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1. briefing briefing

Pay attention to the flight attendant’s safety briefing.
We have a briefing every morning so that our boss can tell us what he wants us to do.
officials told reporters in a May 5th briefing that research shows a handful of neglected diseases could be eliminated with relatively modest resources.

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2. rebuff

He rebuffed all our suggestions, which augurs serious trouble.
She rebuffed all suggestions that she should resign.

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3. dismissal pay

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4. check in

We have to check in at the hotel at 9 am. / 2. When you arrive at the hotel you need to check in at the reception.
My plane will arrive around 5:00 PM. I should be able to check into the hotel by 6:00 or 6:30.
I need to check in at the airport.
Please check in at least an hour before departure.
check in at the desk
My friends want to check in.
Where I can check in?
We have to check in or we won't get to a plane.
You should check in.
For security reasons, you have to check in two hours before your flight.
I'd like to check in
You'll need to check in at the Hilton around four o'clock.
When you arrive at the convention, be sure to check in at the registration desk.
What time I have to check in?
When you check in you go to desk at a hotel/airport to say you have arrived.

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5. golden handshake

She received a golden handshake, but she cannot say why she was dismissed.
She was given a golden handshake on her last day,

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6. severance payment

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7. severance package

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8. redundancy payment

I m going to talk about my redundancy payment

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9. redundancy pay

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10. severance pay

An employee shall have the right to cash severance pay equivalent to one-month remuneration.

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11. debriefing

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12. redundancy package

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13. checking in

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14. customs

After getting through customs, I was free to go wherever I wanted.
customs inspection
There is a written and an unwritten law. The one by which we regulate our constitutions in our cities is the written law; that which arises from customs is the unwritten law.
While living abroad, you tend to see a variety of strange customs.
Mary's been living in Japan so long. Don't you think it's time she adjusted to Japanese customs?
Social order does not come from nature. It is founded on customs.
Each country's customs are different, just as each meadow's grass is different.
There live in this world people of all sorts of colors and manners and customs.
That's because Shintoism and Buddhism are practiced in their daily customs instead of as their religion.
The first time, I spoke pretty much no Chinese at all, and didn't understand China's conventions and customs.
The two wing buildings were linked to four-storey annexe buildings which were split into restaurants, flats and the customs area.
We hadn’t brought back anything from holiday so we didn’t declare anything at customs.
Is it a crime not to declare alcohol or cigarettes at customs?
India was a very large country, with many provinces, cities, languages, and customs

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15. check in desk

check in desk

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16. compensation

After my house was robbed I got a compensation.
I'll see it immediately and personally make sure you get compensation.
compensation for injuries at work
I’ll be expecting a total refund and compensation if this can’t be fixed!
I promise you every possible compensation.
We settler this matter with compensation
something given or received as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, injury, suffering, After my house was robbed I got a compensation.
"Claims for compensation could be made during this window of opportunity. "
You should claim/seek compensation.
Jersey oyster farmers are considering seeking compensation, claiming a deterioration in seawater quality has affected shellfish.
The compensation from an insurance institution is not lower than the death benefit.
He threatened that he would fight for compensation.
compensation for injuries at work/compensation from government/in compensation/as compensation
By way of compensation...
compensation for damages, for moral injury, of costs

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17. clearance

That flight has not received clearance for landing
The plane will be taking off as soon as it gets clearance. To visit the prison, you'll need security clearance.
Storm clearance. Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.
You must leave clearance between components.

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