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klamka in English:

1. handle handle

The only way to handle him is to let him think he is having his own way.
I'll handle it!
Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.
By the fiftieth heartbreak, rejection becomes much easier to handle.
I only asked her what she paid for that dull-looking dress and she flew off the handle at me.
You should write HANDLE WITH CARE on the parcel that contains the teacups.
Sometimes, many problems and a lot of stress can lead you to quit your job. You must learn how to handle it quickly.
He always talks as though he knows how to handle himself but you never know how he'll act when the chips are down.
I couldn't help overhearing, but you're police officers who handle cyber-crime or some such?
While a brain operation is being performed, both doctors and nurses must handle the patient with kid gloves and yet with all speed practical.
The international situation had become so tense, it would require proficient diplomats to handle it with kid gloves.
I must fill in this form. Without it I can't let you inside. So, what's your handle?
1. This port handles 100 milion tones of cargo each year. 2. Handle with care!
Can you fix the handle of my suitcase? / Will you handle that task? I can't help you because I have a meeting. / I know how to handle difficult situations. /I don't really know how to handle this problem. / Let me handle it.
to handle color expertly in painting; my wife handles my investments

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2. door handle door handle

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3. doorknob doorknob

I turned the doorknob.
He groped for the doorknob in the dark.
I saw Tom wiping his fingerprints off the doorknob.
So he traded the paperclip for a pen, and then he traded the pen for a doorknob, and the doorknob for a Coleman stove.
I tried to open the door, and the doorknob came off.

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