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gotowany in English:

1. boiled boiled

Chestnuts have to be boiled for at least fifteen minutes.
Water will evaporate after it is boiled.
Many foods can be boiled.
Tom boiled some eggs on the rocket stove that he had just built.
boiled eggs
She boiled over with rage at his betrayal.
Misdirected discontentment on the left and right boiled over into violent incidents across the country.
She waited until the water boiled before making the tea with it.
A long discussion boiled down to a realistic conclusion.
Our teacher told us that water boiled at 100 degrees centigrade.
The water that vegetables are boiled in can be used to make soup.
Watch out man! Your wife is boiled.
Oh gosh, you're really boiled.
Boiled potatoes are much easier to digest than terracotta potatoes.

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2. cooked cooked

Tom cooked dinner.
Mary is really great. She cooked a wonderful meal for me and even washed the dishes herself.
Yesterday, I cooked Okonomiyaki.
In 2009, a man in New Zealand cooked and ate his pet dog.
Jean ate the osechi cooking his wife cooked for herself.
It's good to have the food cooked in front of you.
I've bought the groceries, cooked the food, and now I'm waiting for my son to come and eat.
Potatoes were being cooked in the kitchen by the girls.
My wife gave birth to a child when we were very poor. While she was sleeping, I cooked rice and vegetables for several days and surprised her with the variety and taste of my cooking.
Today I cooked little jam tarts with my cousin.
For a bit of a change from red meat, for tonight I've cooked turkey breasts in mushroom sauce.
Mmmmn ... maybe I'll have a hair of the dog. "Whoa, hold up a mo! Here, I cooked roast fish for this morning. You ought to be able to eat this OK."
Knowing very well that his wife wanted to go to a movie, the husband, who was a dog in the manger, cooked up a scheme whereby they had to stay at home waiting for a certain visitor who was not expected to come.
This meat is already cooked so it won’t take long to make the sandwiches.
This chicken is too chewy to have been cooked correctly.

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3. poached poached

He was poached by a rival company.

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