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important in English:

1. significant significant

He studied the scientists considered to be the most significant of the 19th century.
significant headway
It is a significant change in our policy. / In addition, they reported significant growth in their investment in 2005 and 2006. / The effect was significant from the first year.
My company is one of The most significant on The global market.
At present the text book issue between the Korean and Japanese governments is developing into a significant problem affecting both countries.
The significant point as regards the segregation problem is to clarify the value system of each group.
If this proposal is put into practice, the business world will be affected to a significant degree.
With text we mean any communicative situation of significant length.
What is significant in this argument is that his theory can identify those phenomena.
The workshops have a significant glass front, allowing maximum light and view of the interior from outside
The thin mist from yesterday will turn into thick fog at night which can cause adverse weather conditions for drivers as visibility will be significantly reduced.
Head office is very worried there was a significant decrease in the number of orders taken in the last quarter.
It is significant that Falkner did not attend the meeting himself. / → Opposite - insignificant
The scientists made a significant breakthrough. (Naukowcy dokonali istotnego przełomu.)

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2. prominent

He felt ill at ease among prominent scholars.
The prominent psychologist resembles my uncle in appearance.
prominent musician
The prominent poet attempted to commit suicide in his study.
Clovis, the constantly jumping wino, has prominent quadriceps and fantastic glutes.
(...) and one Togruta, her cone-horn montrals and striped head-tails making her prominent among the prisoners.
I focused on his prominent nose. (Skupiłem się na jego wydatnym nosie George Washington is a prominent figure in the history of the USA. (George Washington jest wybitną postacią w historii USA
If your first name is more prominent in your signature, this implies that you have positive feelings about your childhood.
Lady Thatcher remains a prominent political figure.
A commission of seven prominent and patriotic men.
George Washington is a prominent figure in the history of the USA
She has very prominent cheekbones.
Many of our most prominent citizens send their children to this private school
The two most prominent areas for using geothermal energy in USA are in Yellowstone and in California

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3. important

It's not important.
Each time I see Mary, I learn something new and important from her.
If my wife calls, just tell her I'm in an important meeting and cannot be disturbed.
I wish I could care more about my grades but it seems that, at a certain point of my life, I decided they wouldn't be so important anymore.
You should write down whatever seems to be important.
Winning the competition is important. However, fair play is more important. You need to understand that winning is not the most important thing.
There were many things that I thought were important at that time that I no longer believe are important.
The important point to note is that both parties offered similar solutions to this problem.
Getting your message across is much more important than trying to say it exactly like a native speaker would say it.
In general, communication between doctors and their patients is the most important part of medical treatment.
The more countries a language is spoken in, the less important it is to sound like a native speaker, since speakers of that language are accustomed to hearing various dialects.
Franklin Roosevelt was born to a rich and important New York family.
That report was important because it pointed out all the errors the committee had made.
I discovered too late that I left out the most important part of my speech.
A few important facts emerged after the investigation.

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4. momentous

What was going on in Ukraine was clearly momentous
a momentous decision. event, occasion, journey, performance
It was the perfect quote for such a momentous occasion.
He took a momentous decision. He resigned from his job.
This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice.
The discovery will have a momentous effect on the treatment of cancer.

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