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gritar in English:

1. yell yell

Peter is going to yell very loudly if he sees that spider!
‘I’ll do it!’ he yelled.
I'm sick and tired of the way you yell at me.
Don't yell at me.
When I asked Dad for more money, he really blew up and started to yell at me.
Stop yelling, I can hear you
Please don’t yell at me. It wasn’t my fault.
You can yell 'fore' but it doesn't matter from 300 yards, you can't hear it.
when someone yelled his name and he turned. “Harry! HARRY!”
She yelled out in pain.
Why was mum yelling at you?
I heard a lot of people screaming and yelling.
Could you try not to yell when you’re talking! Some of us are trying to get some work done.
Everyone around you will appreciate your good manners if you avoid yelling into your cell phone
My little sister and I used to play tag a lot. We would chase each other, and the one chasing would try to tag the one being chased and yell: "You're it!"

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2. to shout to shout

There's no need to shout! I can hear you!
You don't need to shout.

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3. bawl bawl

A woman walked in, bawling loudly that her boyfriend had hit her on the head with an ax.
Asami was bawling that you had kissed Sanada so "I didn't bawl!"

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4. scream scream

What a scream!
I'm so mad I want to scream and break everything!
I would scream very loudly if I saw a scorpion in my room.
That's right, that strange sound was the final death scream of the cooling fan.
Then, with a final, terrible scream, the monster flung itself off the mountain to its death on the rocks below.
Does a worm scream silently when a fisherman impales it on a hook?
It is natural for a child to scream in anger.
Scream it loud!
The accident happened so quickly that Bethany didn’t have time to scream.
All the passengers screamed when the plane started to fall out of the sky.
My dad screamed at us and our neighbour to get into the car.
Sturdier, more advanced models can cost thousands and scream high into the sky.
He screamed, ‘We’re going to crash!’
screaming babies. The baby has been screaming all day.
In this way a passing boat noticed them, thanks to Takeda's scream, and they survived without incident.

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