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descarado in English:

1. barefaced

Why are you telling such barefaced lies?

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2. cheeky

I hate cheeky people.
<a cheeky comment about something that was none of her business>
He's cheeky and malicious for all that, he's your brother.
And don't be cheeky.
... we have like a cheeky tag line?
He has been very cheeky to you, he should apologize.
You're getting far too cheeky!
cheeky smile
He had the most wonderful, cheeky smile
Are you not too cheeky maybe?
Those kids are as cheeky as their parents.
"He's a cheeky little boy."
A cheeky kid was making faces at me while his mother paid the cashier
His questions sound rather cheeky.
If you're cheeky once more, I won't read you a story tonight.

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