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descender in English:

1. descend descend

I didn't expect his behavior to descend to such a disagreeable level.
The discussion descended into chaos.
He is descended from an old family.
An example of descend is when a plane starts to move down or descend before landing. An example of descend is when a hill goes in a downward direction.
We descended in the lift to the floor below where the new gym had been opened.
I descend downstairs.
He descended the cliff with the help of a rope.
Let's descend the slope.
Than the spacecraft began to descending and the light came on.
The path continues for some way before descending to Garsdale Head.
The plane started to descend in order to prepare for landing.
Our plane descended its flight and we could see the airport.
It can fly for nearly an hour and a half before it must descend for recharging

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