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1. talent talent

You should make the most of this rare opportunity to demonstrate your talent.
The purpose of the committee is to develop children's musical talent.
All men have some natural talent, but the question is whether they can use it or not.
Masz wielki talent.
He came on board this company with a lot of fanfare and he turns out to have the skill and talent to live up to it.
You and David should totally learn that piece and play it at the talent show next year.
The next month he achieved his first NHL shutout and showed the talent of an NHL super goalie.
“A woman without talent – that’s virtue” - true words from the ancients of a thousand-years ago.
The amateur singer won first in the talent show hands down.
As a football manager, you need to be able to spot talent.
The talent of this woman will always impress me.
My special talent is that I become friends with anybody, anywhere, anytime.
Just as it is the tendency of great minds to make one hear much with few words, small minds have a talent for talking a lot, and saying nothing.
Not bad—not bad at all. This is quite a gathering of talent to have under one roof.
As well as this, the horse is also representative of human talent.

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2. give away give away

I’m moving house in a few weeks, and I’ve decided to give away a lot of books and clothes to a charity shop.
Jim will probably give away his old furniture
I'd never give away my car to anyone.
Private describes someone who doesn't like to give away their personal information
Promise not to give away my secret.
But he had no right to give away information about anyone else.
You mustn’t give away the information
1. Don't give away this information to anybody. 2. I've given away all my toys.

3. give give

Cows give milk.
Every time cigarettes go up in price, many people try to give up smoking.
This condo is getting old. Why don't we redecorate to give it a fresh feel?
I'd like to know when you plan to give me back the scissors I lent you.
It is sad that so few people give money to help the hungry.
Stop beating around the bush and give it to me straight!
Is it true that you recover from colds when you give them to someone else?
If you agree to buy 3,000 of them, we'll give you a 3 percent discount.
It's out of stock, but I can give you a rain check.
I get really bad performance anxiety before I give a speech.
If I were prime minister, I'd give Clinton a good talking to.
It seems that Tom had planned to give Mary the loan she had been looking for.
Give water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.
They always give their attention to environmental problems.
Human beings seem to find it difficult to give up their old habits.

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