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1. suspect

if you suspect a gas leak, do not turn on an electric light
someone who may have committed a crime
suspect that she's lying, but I can't prove it.

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ZIEL B1 -Lektion 2 (nomen)
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ZIEL B1 -Lektion 2 Verben
ZIEL B1 -Lektion 2 (Verben)

2. presume

I presume that you must have a good job.
I presume they'll choose the most advantageous offer.
I shouldn't presume anything, but I have it from a good source
I would not presume to say whether or not this summit was historic: that is for the future to tell us.
No friend of yours, I presume

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3. to suppose

I suppose she'll marry him in the end, but who knows...
I suppose she's cheating on him.
I suppose you had a fantastic time
Nobody supposed that they would win.
[verb] - to think that something is likely to be true

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