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entwickeln in English:

1. to develop to develop

OK, you have an idea so now is the time to develop it.
In order to develop you have to constantly acquire new knowledge.
Reading can develop your mind / He is planning to develop his business
I'd like to develop my English skills.
This job will help me to develop valuable skills.
What do you do to develop your listening (comprehension) skills?
We need to develop communication between employees and employer.
This exercise helps me to develop memory and thinking.
to develop the sales department
I'd like to develope my knowledge and experience in an international company and share my current knowledge and experienca with other people
the company is trying to develop all the time
OK, you have an idea so now is the time to develop it. / 2. My therapist thinks I should develop new interests. / 3. I really should develop a few of my ideas. / 4. The profession of accounting was developed in the 19th century...
it's important to develop yourself

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2. devise devise

We must devise some means of escape.
He was asked to devise a new sport.
they devised a clever way
t may be the most important piece of machinery ever devised.
She devised a method for quicker communications between offices.
Yet this is also an opportunity to devise new solutions to the new problems.
The cartoon characters Snoopy and Charlie Brown were devised by Charles M. Schultz.
If an error occuts in the code, you must devise a solution.
devise a plan, system, or machine
devise rules
Tell your mom about this genius shit you have just devised in your head.
Lewis devised a method for drawing structures
we can devise learning algorithms which...
The soldiers devised a way to cross the river into enemy territory without being seen
They had devised a plan to prevent competitors form stealing their technology.

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