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beginnen in English:

1. commence commence

Our dean commenced celebrating the anniversary.
When the festival commences, there will be a huge firework display over the city.
My client will have no choice but to commence proceedings against you.
The 24-hour delivery period commences the minute you e-mail your order.
The school commenced in 2011 with 200 Year 9 students.
commence the audit
the battle has commenced
Shh! The film is going to commence.
The conference will commence at 10 o'clock.
will commence in two minutes.
If RTCIS requests a new solution after picking has commenced, APAL will not re-work anything that has been picked.
I commence doing my scientific research this summer.
The meeting will commence.
The conference will commence in due course.

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2. commencing commencing

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3. start start

Let's start!
Once you start smoking, it is difficult to get rid of that bad habit.
I can't start up my computer. What am I supposed to do?
If you can't visit a country where they speak the language you are learning, find a local bar where native speakers of that language hang out and start hanging out there.
Did you start to learn the piano when you were three, like Mozart?
If you don't start treating people with a little more respect, people may start avoiding you like the plague.
Could you please tell me again when the meeting is supposed to start?
You can't just come in here and start ordering people around.
Let me tell you what's going to happen if you don't start behaving yourself.
Start reading where you left off.
When writing a sentence, generally you start with a capital letter and finish with a period (.), an exclamation mark (!), or a question mark (?).
Do you know how to start a fire using just sticks of wood?
I have so many things to tell you that I don't know where to start.
Many flowers start blooming in springtime.
Once we start reading a book, we should read it all the way through.

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