Customer care (phrases) - Atención al cliente (frases)

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We hope to hear from you soon. / We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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A la espera de escuchar de usted pronto.
We are going to use our best efforts to...
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(Nosotros) daremos lo mejor de nosotros para...
Ann, this is Antonio Gomez.
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Ann, este es Antonio Gomez.
May I give you my card?
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¿Podría darle mi tarjeta?
Would you like some coffee or tea?
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¿Le gustaría café o té?
Please, feel free to ask any questions.
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Por favor, siéntase libre de formular todas las preguntas que desee.
I would appreciate it if we could...
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Lo apreciaría si pudiéramos...
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