Slovak: day 2
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Slovak: day 2
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Numbers - ČíslovkyNumbers - Číslovky  
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And, or, but, so - A, alebo, ale, takžeAnd, or, but, so - A, alebo, ale, takže  
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Space - PriestorSpace - Priestor  
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Useful nouns - Užitočné podstatné menáUseful nouns - Užitočné podstatné mená  
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Useful phrases - Užitočné frázyUseful phrases - Užitočné frázy  
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Features - VlastnostiFeatures - Vlastnosti  
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Time - ČasTime - Čas  
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A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Typická konverzácia zo študentskej knihy;)A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Typická konverzácia z...  
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Slovak: day 2

Are you learning Slovak ? Do you find it difficult or easy? Well, we made it our mission is to help you learn Slovak ! So, after you have finished our Slovak in 1 day course, continue learning Slovak words and expression with our Slovak: day 2 course! We at VocApp are here to help you learn the best way possible.

The Slovak language

Did you know that the Slovak language is very similar to the Czech language ? They are both descendents of Proto-Slavic, together with Polish. Therefore, they are very similar to each other.

As for a little bit of knowledge on the Slovak language for you, Slovak is an inflected language . Now, you may be asking, what is as inflected language ? Well, simply put, an inflected language is a language that uses suffixes to change its verbs, adjectives and so on.

Apart from that, Slovak words do not have articles and verbs have 3 major conjugations. There are many interesting things about the Slovak language but an good one to know if you plan to translate English to Slovak is that the passive voice can be formed like in English! It makes it a bit easier!


And if you already know something of Slovak, or even, the czech language or the polish language, maybe you can skip Slovak in 1 day and go directly to Slovak: day 2 ! Then, what about we tell you some things about Slovakia?

Well, Slovakia is a country in Central Europe. The capital city of Slovakia is Bratislava. The country has historically been a part of the Kingdom of Hungary, as well as, later on, Czechoslovakia, to be dissolved at the end of WWII.

Learn Slovak with VocApp

Now that you know some more about the Slovak language do you want to learn Slovak ? Then here you have VocApp’s course of Slovak in 1 day for you start learning the most basic Slovak words and expressions.

You will leave this course knowing how to say hello in Slovak and how to translate some words from english to Slovak . Moreover, you will be able to have a very simple conversation using the Slovak words we have taught you in these Slovak in 1 day and Slovak: day 2 courses. If you want to review the course on day 1, here you have it! Slovak in 1 day .