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gree gree

I started using VocApp 633 days ago. I have 184 study days, and my study streak is 0 days. I am the author of 30 lessons. The date of my last visit is 2019-02-19 11:22:28.

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Flashcards created by me

IV 6a
IV 6b
IV 7a
IV 1a
unit IV 1b
unit IV 2a
Months of the year
IV 8a
IV 8b
IV 7b
IV verbs 1
IV ad_v 1
IV verbs 2
V z_pyt
V 2 prepositions of place
IV 7 time
V 0
V 1 Seasons and weather
V 1 b
V 2 voc
V 3 voc
V 3b voc
V 3c voc
V 3 t_voc_na_a
V 3 t_voc_b
V 3_voc_c
V 4 a voc
V 4 b voc
V 4 c voc

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