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awimar awimar

I started using VocApp 671 days ago. I have 162 study days, and my study streak is 89 days. I am the author of 36 lessons. The date of my last visit is 2021-05-08 00:25:45.

My interests

English, Russian

Flashcards created by me

internet words 1
internet words 2
internet, routing, lithum-ion battery
radio words 15th july
radio and internet words the 16th of July
radio worlds the 17th of July
radio and internet words the 18th of July
radio and internet words the 19th and 20th of July
radio and internet words the 23rd of July plus load cell
The cave of wonders
Biogas plant
helicopters, disc brakes, wheel alignment
submersible pumps
compressor stall
Radio words August
Manual transmission
Automatic transmission
beams, wind turbines
diki words 1
Grinding lathe chuck jaws
already known words
words from cusp of January and Fabuary
Toyota overland part 1
Toyota LC120 aroud the world part 2
Toyota Prado review
radio waves
entraping rock lobsters
climbing Kilimanjaro
four stroke internal combustion engines
block torque plates
disposal of garbage
doctoral thesis words
May long weekend words

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