Clothes - roupas

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You have to undo your buttons.
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Você tem que desabotoar seus botões.

Your fly is open.
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Sua barguilha está aberta.

Zip up your fly.
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Feche sua barguilha.

Your blouse is unbuttoned.
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Sua blusa está desabotoada.

Try these shoes on.
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Experimente estes sapatos.

Button your shirt up.
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Abotoe sua camisa.

Fasten up your shoes.
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Amarre seus sapatos.

She got dressed before she went to work.
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Ela se vestiu antes de ir trabalhar.

She fastened his jacket to make sure he didn't get cold.
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Ela fechou a jaqueta dele para se assegurar que ele não estava com frio.

She wears her best suit for interviews.
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Ela usa seu melhor terninho para entrevistas.

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