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set off: to start to go somewhere
Jerry and I set off on foot for the beach.
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epic: an epic event continues for a long time and involves brave or exciting actions
It was the following year when he made his epic journey to South America.
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on the road: travelling
They’re on the road for six months out of every year.
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na estrada

trial run: an occasion when you test a new method or system to see if it works well
This year is something of a trial run for the new service.
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ensaio, período experimental

learning experience: an experience through which you learn a new skill
Everyone in the centre has had quite a learning experience this week.
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experiência de aprendizagem

quit your job: to leave a job, especially without finishing it completely
He quit his job after an argument with a colleague.
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deixar o seu emprego

head straight for: to go or travel directly towards a particular place, without going anywhere else first
We headed straight for the capital.
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dirigir-se diretamente para

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