Animals – English idioms and sayings

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Someone who is a coward.
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1. chicken 2. chicken livered
What?! You're afraid of ghosts?! I can't believe you're such a chicken.
Short sleep, during the day.
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cat nap
I like taking cat naps in the afternoon.
Someone who doesn't show their feelings.
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cold fish
She wouldn't be a good actress, she's a real cold fish.
It's raining very heavily.
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It's raining cats and dogs!
You are thoroughly wet! Anyway, it's not surprising it's raining cats and dogs.
To eat a lot.
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to eat like a horse
I eat very little, but my brother... he eats like a horse.
To speak frankly and openly.
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to talk turkey
John wanted to talk turkey, but Jane just wanted to joke around.
When a usually meek person or group of people becomes angry.
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The worm has turned.
When the government introduced taxes for students the worm has turned and young people hit the streets.
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