Advanced English words that start with "N"

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none too pleased
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not pleased at all
When I arrived late to the meeting my boss was none too pleased.
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the happy and at the same time sad feeling when recalling things from the past
When I heard this song, the surge of nostalgia took over my body.
to give in one's notice
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to inform the employer that one wants to quit their job
I gave my boss my notice after finding a better job.
to strike a raw nerve
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to discuss a painful or problematic subject and upset someone
Asking me to talk about my divorce was striking a raw nerve.
in the name of something
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to help something achieve its goal
He will always commit a crime in the name of love.
you name it
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you can choose
We can go to whichever restaurant you want, you name it.
neck and neck
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about several competitors that are all close to winning
We didn't bet on anyone because it was so neck and neck.
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