Advanced English words that start with "J" and "K"

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to kick oneself
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to be embarrassed or annoyed of one's own actions
I want to kick myself; I forgot my passport.
to keep quiet
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to not discuss something
This is top secret information so keep quiet.
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the place where two of the body's bones meet
The older you get, the more your joints start to hurt.
the jury is out
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there is no precise answer to a question or matter
The jury is still out on whether euthanasia should be made legal.
to keep one's eyes peeled
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to be carefully analyzing and watching something
We are still in danger, so keep your eyes peeled.
to juggle
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to do many difficult things at the same time
I am juggling so many different jobs right now.
to join forces
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to do something together
My colleagues and I joined forces to finish the tasks.
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