Acronymes réseau

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Medium Attachment Unit

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Advanced Research Project Agency Network

National Science Foundation

Union Internationale des Télécommunications

Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique

International Organisation for Standardisation

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Réseau Téléphonique Commuté

Public Switched Telephone Network

Point to point protocol

Modulateur Demodulateur

Short Area Network

Local Area Network

Metropolitan Area Network

Wide Area Network

Personal Area Network

Regional Area Network

Source de données

Contrôleur de Communication

Data Terminal Equipment

Data Circuit Terminating Equipment

Liaison de Transmission de Données

Time Division Multiplexing

Frequency Multiplexing

Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line

Amplitude Shift Keying (modulation d'amplitude)

Frequency Shift Keying (modulation de fréquence)

Phase Shift Keying

Standard Parallel Port

Enhanced Parallel Port

Direct Memory Access

First In First Out

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Réseau Numérique à Intégration de Services

Time Division Multiple Access

Accès Multiple par Répartition Temporelle

Frequency Division Multiple Access

Medium Access Control

Protocol Data Unit

European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Open System Interconnection

Receive not Ready

Service Data Unit

Protocol Control Information

Transmission Control Protocol

Internet Protocol

Telecommunication Network

File Transfer Protocol

Trivial File Transfer Protocol

Domain Name Server

User Datagram Protocol

Internet Control Message Protocol

Routing Information Protocol

Exterior Gateway Protocol

Address Resolution Protocol

Request For Command

Destination Service Access Point

Serial Line Interface Protocol

Maximum Transfer Unit

Classless Inter-Domain Routing

Routing Information Table

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Équipement Terminal de Circuit de Données

Équipement Terminal de Traitement de Données

Internet Service Provider

Transitor Transitor Logic

Extended Capacity Port (bi directionnel)

Code Division Multiple Access

Carrier Sense Multiple Access

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