About Japanese language - introduction

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The Japanese writing system
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The Japanese writing system uses three alphabets: kanji, hiragana and katakana
What are kanji?
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Kanji are the adopted logographic Chinese characters. Each kanji means a word.
What are katakana?
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Katakana, like hiragana, are a syllabary. Katakana is mostly used for foreign words, plant and animal names.
What are hiragana?
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Hiragana are used for words that cannot be represented in Kanji.
How many people speak Japanese?
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Japanese language is spoken by 128 million speakers.
What should I learn first?
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We recommend you to start with katakana and hiragana alphabets. Within the next two lessons you will learn its pronunciation and writing.
What's the next step?
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We recommend you to learn vocabulary with examples, before you learn grammar rules. Once you get the context it should be much easier to learn grammar.

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