500 most important Italian verbs 476 - 500

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to overtake
I can't overtake that truck.
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to overtake in English
Non posso sorpassare questo camion.

to amuse
Your story really amused me.
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ll tuo racconto mi ha rallegrato un sacco.

to demolish
This building will be demolished soon.
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Quest'edificio sarà demolito tra qualche giorno.

to lock
Remember to lock the door before you go to sleep.
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chiudere qc a chiave
Ricorda di chiudere la porta a chiave prima di andare a letto.

to denounce
Our neighbours denounced us.
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I nostri vicini ci hanno denunciato.

to underline
My sister has already underlined the most important sentences.
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Mia sorella ha già sottolineato le frasi più importanti.

to keep doing sth
Keep working on this topic.
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Continua a lavorare su questo tema.

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