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to create a stir
The movie caused quite a stir.
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to cause a feeling of excitement (or sometimes annoyance)
to cause a stir causar alvoroço

involving the use of new discoveries, new methods, or new ideas: groundbreaking medical research
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using new ideas, innovative

rave reviews
to talk in an excited way about something because you think it is very good rave about Everybody raved about the movie, but I hated it.
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strong praise for a new performer, music, film, play, etc.
elogios, louvor; to rave about/over sth elogiar muito alguma coisa

a sell-out
if a shop sells out of something, or if something sells out, the shop sells all of it and there is none left have/be sold out Tickets for the show have sold out.
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a performance, sports event, etc. for which all the tickets have been sold
Referente a um espetáculo The concert was a sellout. Os bilhetes do concerto esgotaram-se.

(informal) something that is so good, exciting or interesting that you think people should see it

There’s been a lot of media hype surrounding this movie.
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(informal) publicity - when something is talked about a lot on TV, in the newspapers, online, etc. to make it seem good or important
publicidade [sensacionalista]

(informal) something that disappoints you because it is not as good as you expected
(informal) deceção, desilusão

a film, show, plan or product that is not successful

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the most usual ideas or ways of dooing something which are accepted by most people
the mainstream a tendência dominante

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different from what is usual or accepted
alternativo alternative medicine medicina alternativa

accoustic guitar
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bass guitar
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grand piano
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There goes Jim again, saying how great he is, blowing his own trumpet.
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talk positively about oneself

Clara began fiddling with her necklace. I could see that she was worried.
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touch or play with something in a restless or nervous way

We need to drum up some new business or we'll have to close down.
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get (support or attention) through making a lot of effort

I'm tired of playing second fiddle.
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take a less important role

Interesting how Larry changed his tune after he found out it was his own assistant who stole the money.
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suddenly take a different perspective

I know, it looks like an expensive car but I got it for a song.
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very cheaply

The boss wants to see me about mistakes on the contract. It's time for me to go in and face the music.
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accept responsibility for mistakes

Her name rings a bell -maybe I've met her before.
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remind somebody of something, sound familiar

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