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Question English
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Listen to someone talk about a film he never gets bored with watching. What is the film and what is the main reason he likes it?
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The film is Speed. He likes it because it's tense, gripping and full of suspense.

why it's family-friendly
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It's tense without being too violent or gory.

a memorable thing about the "baddy"
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He's missing a thumb.

where the film got its title
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The bus has to keep going above a particular speed (fifty miles per hour), or it will blow up.

what the woman thinks about the film
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She thinks it sounds uncomfortable to watch.

examples of gripping moments
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Keanu Reeves jumping into the bus; the bus driving in traffic; the bus going onto a bridge that's being built.

something unusual about the stunts
something dangerous that a person does to entertain people, especially in a film: an actor who does all his own stunts
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Keanu Reeves did his own stunts

something the two people say about the heroine
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she's beautiful

the woman's preference in films
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she prefers comedies.

Choose a film you never get bored with and make notes about:
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the actors, the setting, the plot, why you like it.

what is the main purpose of a film review?
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to help people decide if they want to see a film

Which of the topics do you usually find in a film review?
you don't usually find
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plot summary, actor's names, recommendation, setting of the film, reviewer's opinion of different elements
description of the film's ending; ticket prices

Read the review of "Midnight in Paris" again
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and write the topic of each paragraph.

1- setting of the film; actor's names
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2- plot summary

3- reviewer's opinion of different elements
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4- recommendation

Underline two adverbs + past participle combinations in paragraph 3 of the review.
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skilfully directed; convincingly acted.

directed by
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skilfully/sensitively/poignantly directed by

convincingly/skilfully/sensitively/poignantly acted by

praised by
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widely/overwhelmingly/highly praised by

criticised by
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harshly/widely/overwhelmingly/heavily criticised by
harshly: unkind, cruel or strict

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