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Where do you think this personal profile will appear?
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This personal profile is from the "About" page of a personal website or blog.

Read the guidelines for writing a personal profile. To what extent does Mira Kaya's profile follow them?
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It follows all of the guidelines.

James Cameron produced ‘Terminator 2’.
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to control how a film, play, record etc is made

She won an award for her book.
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a prize that someone gets for something that they have achieved

I play tennis in my spare time.
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spare time/moment/hour etc time when you are not working

to breathe with difficulty, making a noise in your throat and chest
respirar com dificuldade (como um asmático)

Spandex, Lycra or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber.

Which information would you include in a profile for a blog/a social networking site?
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where you from, family information, likes/dislikes, hobbies, favourite music/food, religious or spiritual beliefs, pet peeves, groups you belong to, trips and unusual experiences

Related to the word peeve meaning an annoyance or grievance, a pet peeve is something that a person has adopted (like a pet) to be extra annoying or upsetting to them.
cismas, caprichos, odiozinhos de estimação

Which information would you include in a profile for a networking site for professionals/a job application?
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talents and skills, education/grades/qualifications, goals and plans, address, job, professional achievements

What information would you leave out?
You should only include information you are comfortable with and which you think is relevant for the purpose.
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It's generally best to avoid certain topics, such as religious beliefs, anything too personal or confidential information about your work.
Always consider the reader and what he/she wants to know.

Look at the outline of a profile for a personal website. Is there any information that is NOT suitable?
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