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It's going to be a very warm day.
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yah ek bahut garm din hone ja raha hai.
Happy New Year!
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naya saal mubaarak ho!
What did you do yesterday?
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bita kal
aapane kal kya kiya?
in the evening
We'll meet in the evening.
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shaam ko
ham shaam ko milenge.
a quarter to eight
I finish work at a quarter to eight.
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aath ka ek chauthaee
main aath se ek chauthaee tak kaam khatm karata hoon.
I was in Rome a month ago.
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main ek maheene pahale rome mein tha.
The shop is open to 8 p.m.
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seva mere
dukaan shaam 8 thak khula hai
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