Miesto autobusas - City bus

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vienkartinis bilietas
Prašau duoti du vienkartinius bilietus.
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single ticket
Two single tickets, please.
Kur yra autobusų stotis?
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Where's the bus station?
Ar tvarkaraštis yra ir internete?
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Is the timetable also on the Internet?
darbo dienos
Ar tvarkaraštis galioja tik darbo dienomis?
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Is this timetable valid only on weekdays?
Ar 8 trasos autobusas jau pravažiavo?
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Has the bus line 8 passed already?
mėnesinis bilietas
Kur galiu įsigyti mėnesinį bilietą?
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monthly ticket
Where can I buy a monthly ticket?
Galite nusipirkti bilietus autobuse.
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You can buy the tickets on the bus.
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