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震动 in English:

1. shock

be shocked at
When a strong earthquake struck suddenly, my mom just walked around the house in shock.
To my shock, he killed himself by taking poison.
It gave her quite a shock, and she didn't want to talk about anything for a while. I think it'll be a while before she's back to normal.
Pet loss refers to the reactions of shock and anger that occur in owners who have been bereaved of their pets.
When she dumped me, the shock of it was like a huge gong going off and scrambling all my thoughts.
Losing their breadwinner was a shock to that family, but the insurance money helps a lot.
In a foreign country most of us go through culture shock.
After that you should check if the victim is in a state of shock.
As she fetched Dima the suit, the shopkeeper noticed smears of blood on his shirt, and couldn't help but stare in shock.
Liquid on electrical equipment often causes shock.
If you suspect someone is going into shock, continue to apply pressure to the wound to stop the blood coming out. Lie them down and lift their feet higher than the rest of their body
Obscenity is whatever happens to shock some elderly and ignorant magistrate.
From the telecast this morning, I have learned to my shock that a big fire hit your area.