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评论 in English:

1. comment

No comment.
If you find a mistake, please leave a comment.
Few people understood his comment.
Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring caused riots at its 1913 premiere. These days, of course, music is only capable of causing angry YouTube comment threads.
When submitting a new sentence, feel free to add usage notes or tag requests in a comment below it.
You have added a comment, not a translation. To add a translation, click on the «あ→а» icon above the sentence.
The applicability of any given comment depends on topics already established within the conversation.
It would be appreciated if you also went to the website to post a comment on that sentence, to indicate it doesn't sound natural and should be improved.
Oh, while I remember, it seems that that was a bug that occurs when you use the comment field's 'letter-spacing' tag which adjusts the tracking.
Because he thought Fred's comment was tacky, Larry got up on his high horse.
I'm always writing strange things, so I'm sure it's difficult to comment on.
‘Rose made some interesting comments about the situation.’ ‘What did she say?’
Please fill out this form at the end of your stay if you would like to comment on
The spokesperson denied all charges and declined to comment
Those whose bones were exhumed to build the new catacombs could not be reached for comment.

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2. review

A favorable review of your play will appear in the next issue.
It is best to review the material before the presentation.
Any student who wishes to review his grades may make an appointment with the college dean.
a book review
When studying for a test, it is important to review actively, not passively.
The loss of childhood spontaneity has caused widespread concern, as well as calls for review of the nation's educational and social structures.
In the first section of this review I raise the question of how brain processes cause our conscious experiences.
Please review the contents and provide any appropriate feedback.
His new novel has been favorably reviewed.
A review is a text about something you read or saw./ I'm going to review a film I saw yesterday.
An evaluation of a product or project status to ascertain discrepancies from planned results and to recommend improvements. Exaples include management review, informal review, technical review, inspection, and walkthrough.
Several aspects of prison practices are currently under review.
the performance was well reviewed
Military parades and reviews, not surprisingly in a country ruled by a general, were an almost daily spectacle.
The school is reviewing its policy on homework.

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