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船员 in English:

1. sailor sailor

He saved a sailor.
He is the captain, and all his sailors listen to him.
A good sailor only requires a short time to get his sea legs.
Tom acted the part of a sailor.
A sailor frequently has no time to get his sea legs after leaving port before a battle starts.
I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.
A sailor is at sea much of the time.
As is usual with a sailor, he likes liquor very much.
English sailors travel to America.
A sailor saw his fellow sailor sink from exhaustion.
In Germany, there's a superstition that if you light a cigarette off a candle, a sailor will die at sea.
to swear like a sailor
My uncle was a sailor in the Royal Navy.
My grandfather was a sailor.
He's a sailor, therefore, the majority of the year he's not at home.

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2. crew crew

The crew is large.
Boeing has calculated the chances of a series of crew errors leading to CFIT.
When the flight crew has their aircraft under control, everything is working normally and yet it still crashes into the ground, that's CFIT.
With his crew stranded at sea, Christopher Columbus was able to save them from starvation by pulling 100 rabbits out of his hat.
The company's analysis shows that in over 60% of all accidents in the past ten years, the behavior of the flight crew was the dominant cause.
Christopher Columbus once used the same joke 256 times in one day... thereby causing his entire crew to die of laughter.
Tony realized that if he hired another crew, got more customers and did the job quicker and sloppier, he could make more money.
The plant supervisor said to his crew, "Let's knock off for lunch."
His crew members often complained of Christopher Columbus's hogging of their vessel's Wifi connection to play online games, but he denied these accusations with indignation, claiming that he was researching faraway lands that they had yet to discover.
On the last day of shootin there was a party for all members of the cast and the whole crew
There is a film crew outside the library, I think they’re making a documentary.
A crew of 100 was looking after 400 passengers. 47 crew members and 450 passengers were injured in the crash.
By that, Boeing means that there may also have been other problems, but that an accident could have been avoided if the crew had done their job correctly.
Communication is key. With teams bringing an average of 70 crew to each race, every person's move needs to be co-ordinated.
I am your only hope, captain. If you don't do as I say, you and your crew will perish.