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明星 in English:

1. Celebrity Celebrity

Who's your favorite celebrity?
He is something of a celebrity.
On encountering the celebrity, they asked for his autograph.
A sign of a celebrity is often that his name is worth more than his services.
A celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.
The news covers celebrity rehab stories extensively enough to avoid talking about war or corruption.
The price that the famous pay for their celebrity is a lack of privacy.
No overseas adoptions yet? What kind of celebrity are you, anyway? Go sit at the kid's table with Kathy Griffin and Gary Busey!
Actors and sports stars often parlay their celebrity into endorsement deals.
Which celebrity is "the hotness" today?
Would you like me to introduce you to a well-known celebrity?
To be a celebrity must be complicated sometimes.
Anyone can become a celebrity nowadays.
We were amazed when the quietest girl in the class went on to become a major celebrity.
Even drunken celebrity tweets look better in 24-point Georgia.