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提前 in English:

1. in advance

Please contact us in advance.
It's best to book your hotel or campsite in advance.
Have you ever travelled somewhere without having booked somewhere to stay in advance?
He paid for three nights in advance.
pay in advance
You have to pay the full price in advance at the time of booking
It's hard to schedule my work in advance.
Thanks in advance. / pay in advance
In addition, suppliers are expected to give credit even though Dell is paid in advance.
I bought my plane ticket three months in advance to get a cheap fare.
Do you know about free days in advance?
We should inform the other party about any problems in advance.
· a delicious dish that can be prepared in advance z góry: · Some cell phone companies require you to pay in advance. · Many thanks, in advance, for your help.
(Why can schools not plan nativity play dates and times more than two weeks in advance?
I thank you in advance for your favourable consideration of my request.

2. to be in advance

3. to shift to an earlier date