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抱怨 in English:

1. to complain

You've got nothing to complain about.
Quite the reverse, there are so many places to see and so many things to do that I do not even have time to complain.
1) There's no reason to complain. 2) I am writing to complain about

2. moan

he fell with a moan
Stop moaning, would you?
moan at
He likes nothing better than to moan.
Jeremy moaned in pain after he tripped and broke his ankle.
we were drinking tea haveing a moan about the politicians
He moaned with ​pain before ​losing ​consciousness.
if you moan about someone or something, you complain about them in a very unhappy way
I was in such pain, I just lay in bed moaning.
If I were you, I'll pick up the pieces and stop only moaning.
It was one long moan, without taking breath.
The man next to me moaned, and turned his head.
I wanna hear the whole story again without all that annoying moaning
The moaning of the man with the broken arm
Too little lift means a drone will moan and groan and crash, or maybe never get airborne at all.