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情况 in English:

1. Situation

The situation worsened.
Sorry, but it all came about so suddenly that I haven't got a handle on the situation yet.
A really perceptive person can figure out a whole situation with just a few clues. That's the kind of person I want you to become.
I think it's unlikely that a situation like this one would ever occur again.
Having been caught in that situation before, I knew exactly what to do.
This complex situation arose because signals from the environment itself can be inadequate.
Situation report. "At present 4 in sight. At most probably 7. Holding small calibre arms."
He's a tenacious guy who always manages to come out on top. He's the kind of guy who can turn any situation to his advantage.
I want you to somehow resolve the situation as promptly and avoiding to cause trouble for my sister and those around us as much as possible.
The political situation was, to say the least, extremely unstable during the next ten years of his reign.
However, as soon as I saw the situation at the train station I began to regret this decision.
This means that our perception of any situation depends only partly on sensory signals being received at that time.
If you are silent in a conversation or social situation for a long time, Americans will try to get you to talk.
With text we mean any communicative situation of significant length.
I explained the situation, as this, that and such and such, but they just nodded along without showing much interest.

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2. circumstances

Circumstances have changed.
Happiness and success in life do not depend on our circumstances, but on our efforts.
The massacre in Norway and the recent rebellion and the booty in England, are dreadful in consideration of the circumstances that the world drifted into.
Due to ill-health of the web-manager, loss of motivation and other circumstances I have decided that it is not possible to continue.
Although he was in such circumstances, he made his way by himself.
Long before Darwin's theory of evolution, Buffon had surmised that species evolved very slowly under different material circumstances.
At present a very great number of people are seeking to participate and, depending on circumstances, up to a month ahead is fully booked.
A word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanging, it is the skin of a living thought and may vary greatly in colour and content according to the circumstances and time in which it is used.
The dump was surrounded by a high wire fence - no entry at any other time under any circumstances.
You can say that the circumstances were thus in the period leading up to the declaration of war.
1. But circumstances are not always ideal. / 2. So, even in other circumstances, it would have been a disaster. / 3. Under the circumstances, I'm afraid that's impossible.
Ordinarily, this was not a problem, but in the circumstances it could not have been worse.

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3. case

This case is complicated.
That's a clear case of "water off a duck's back".
Can a case be made for late-term abortions?
A very unfortunate case came to our attention several years ago.
Our whole case hinges on whether the government's actions were constitutional or not.
The Democrats haven't decided on their candidates yet, but in any case they're sure to lose.
In any case, now I'm considering trying out some likely things.
Have you ever been a witness in a court case?
In any case I just want to make clear that the fact that these are not normal people.
In case the shipment is delayed, we have special delay insurance.
camera case
I wish my family would put DVDs back in their cases.
A more experienced lawyer would have dealt with the case in a different way.
You should stockpile necessary supplies in case of a big earthquake.
In the case of language, however, it is only the ability to talk and understand that we inherit genetically; the particular language or languages that we speak are passed on to us not by genetic transmission but by cultural transmission.

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