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底部 in English:

1. bottom bottom

Some people say that English politeness is, at bottom, really fear.
no bottom
That man has hit bottom: his wife has left him, he's lost his job, and he's an alcoholic. The worst is that I know him--he used to be my boss five years ago.
The project is well-planned and interesting, but its immediate impact on the bottom line is not considered substantial.
Your plan sounds good, but the bottom line is: will it bring us more business?
When I was in elementary school I thought, from the bottom of my heart, that the teachers were great people and I was influenced by the teachers' attitudes and moral lessons, but middle school was just a business like any other.
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It's still shallow, eh. My feet still touch the bottom. "It's quite a shallow beach. Yotsuba, you can still touch the bottom can't you?"
The management tended to be too concerned about short-term improvement of the bottom line to have any long-term design for the future.
On the way out I said to my waitress, "Be careful, Sue. There's something funny about the glasses you gave me - they're filled in on the top, and there's a hole on the bottom!"
You haven't mentioned cost, and I won't sign until I know the bottom line.
The house is at the bottom of a hill. I think I've got a pen in the bottom of my bag. There's a label on the bottom of the box. The bus stop is at the bottom of the road.
the bottom of an organization is the lowest level in it, where the work requires the least amount of experience or skill and the pay is the lowest
My bike saddle is uncomfortable and it hurts my bottom!
Your bottom doesn't match your shirt. Try wearing jeans.