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处理 in English:

1. to deal with to deal with

What kind of people can be difficult to deal with?
"Surely we have our competition policy to deal with cartels and monopolies. "
Finally, we still have to deal with the question of safety and transparency.
To be a good shop assistant, you need to know how to deal with customers.
We'll have to deal with it.

2. process process

Is this a long process?
The process by which substances are turned directly from a solid state into a gas is called sublimation.
In fact history does not belong to us but rather we to it. Long before we understand ourselves through the process of self-examination, we understand ourselves in a self-evident way in the family, society, and state in which we live.
It's so easy to write good example sentences, that even if we accidentally delete a few good sentences in the process of getting rid of a whole lot of bad ones, I think we could drastically improve the quality of this corpus by doing a lot of deleting.
Suffixes, 1: "-ion" creates nouns that show the meaning of 'action, state, process, results,' and so on.
Keeping Mario in a state in which he can throw fireballs is a delicate process; that newfound power sometimes makes one cocky and careless.
This school was recommended to me by someone I asked to help me with the visa application process.
Language learning: A process by which a person reduces his ignorance of a language over time.
In the U.S., part of the application process to universities usually includes an essay on "Why I want to go to university."
Sinicization is a process that is deeply rooted in the cultural dynamics of China.
Education must not be limited to our youth, but it must be a continuing process through our entire lives.
Humor can be dissected, as a frog can, but the thing dies in the process and the innards are discouraging to any but the pure scientific mind.
I’m often surprised at how much time I’ve spent processing email.
It's quite a long and complicated process to get a visa to work in the UK.
They processed the used bottles into a work of art.

3. processed processed

Any orders you place with us will be processed promptly.
I'd like to have this film processed.
Highly processed products are unhealthy

4. handle handle

The only way to handle him is to let him think he is having his own way.
I'll handle it!
Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.
By the fiftieth heartbreak, rejection becomes much easier to handle.
I only asked her what she paid for that dull-looking dress and she flew off the handle at me.
You should write HANDLE WITH CARE on the parcel that contains the teacups.
Sometimes, many problems and a lot of stress can lead you to quit your job. You must learn how to handle it quickly.
He always talks as though he knows how to handle himself but you never know how he'll act when the chips are down.
I couldn't help overhearing, but you're police officers who handle cyber-crime or some such?
While a brain operation is being performed, both doctors and nurses must handle the patient with kid gloves and yet with all speed practical.
The international situation had become so tense, it would require proficient diplomats to handle it with kid gloves.
I must fill in this form. Without it I can't let you inside. So, what's your handle?
1. This port handles 100 milion tones of cargo each year. 2. Handle with care!
Can you fix the handle of my suitcase? / Will you handle that task? I can't help you because I have a meeting. / I know how to handle difficult situations. /I don't really know how to handle this problem. / Let me handle it.
to handle color expertly in painting; my wife handles my investments