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亲热 in English:

1. affectionate affectionate

an affectionate kiss
He's always been very affectionate with his in-laws.
My father was no less affectionate and tender to me than my mother was.
Dogs are friendly and affectionate pets.
I felt affectionate towards everyone and everything around me.
They are very affectionate with each other. They hug and kiss.
He shows his feelings and emotions - he's affectionate.
Ben is the most affectionate of all my nieces and nephews.
She is an affectionate mother who always shows her love to her children in many ways.
his affectionate nature / an affectionate kiss
As time went on he became more and more affectionate towards me and began to act as though we were in a relationship.
Damian glanced at the redhead and touched her arm in affectionate greeting.
She had always been the most affectionate of his children.
She seemed to stay with me a lot and was very affectionate all day.
I have an extremely affectionate friend - she can't stop hugging me!