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义务 in English:

1. obligation

It is our obligation to help.
He couldn't leave because he was under an obligation to finish the job. He didn't tell me the whole truth about his financial obligations.
You are under no obligation to divulge that information.
There’s no obligation to go climbing if you don’t want to.
It is the obligation of every worker to pay taxes.
People are presenting reasons for not fulfilling their obligation to respond.
I have obligations in my job.
I think that, today, we are under an obligation to help people.
There's no obligation to come to the meeting.
We need to fulfil our obligations. Teachers have an obligation to treat all pupils equally.
The ​government has an obligation to ​assist ​relief ​efforts.
An employer has a legal obligation to pay social security for his or her employees.
Well, their obligation of course is to pay their taxes, but our advice to them is that they all look at taking their wealth and being philanthropic
We need to fulfil our obligations.
I'm not a Muslim and so I have no obligation to observe the fast but as long as I'm living in the same apartment having consideration for such a custom is important.

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