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часы in English:

1. clock clock

The clock stopped.
We bought our new neighbors a clock as a housewarming gift.
The quality of craftsmanship in this clock company is unsurpassed.
Every morning I set my watch by the station clock.
Chris does not appreciate how Beth lost the clock he lent her.
It's only when I can't sleep at night that the ticking of the clock becomes loud enough to bother me.
On leaving school, we presented him with a table clock as a token of our thanks.
Christopher Columbus was notorious for repeatedly snoozing his alarm clock by hitting it with his fist. Unfortunately, his "alarm clock" was usually his first mate.
I wish I could live at a more relaxed pace, instead of having to watch the clock all the time.
The less it is affected by the weather the better clock it is.
It was a precious clock his grandmother, who was in the hospital, gave him.
If you break the clock again, you'll catch it from Mommy.
The clock on the Lviv Town Hall was first installed in the year 1404.
Every time a man is begotten and born, the clock of human life is wound up anew to repeat once more its same old tune that has already been played innumerable times, movement by movement and measure by measure, with insignificant variations.
It's five o' clock. If you quickly post your letter, it still might make it in time.

2. hours hours

They started hours ago.
To become a professional banjo player, you need to spend thousands of hours practicing.
Within hours, the world knew the news.
After spending hours out in the cold winter wind, my skin got all chapped and dry.
Two hours is too short for us to discuss the matter.
The usual business hours in this office are from nine to five.
Thomas A. Edison so loves his work that he sleeps an average of less than four hours of each twenty-four.
Tom needs at least nine hours of sleep every night or he can't function.
In the first few hours of the battle, Union forces were winning.
Never choose a vocation just because the hours are short.
The handyman was supposed to arrive at twelve noon, but got stuck in a traffic jam for a few hours.
A few hours nap will do you good.
I hear that studying in the morning is more effective. Studying one hour in the morning is as good as three hours at night.
During the rush hours in Tokyo, traffic is heavy.
The people in the next room stay up until all hours doing God knows what.