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сеть in English:

1. network network

The profane language used on network television makes many parents with young children not want to subscribe to cable.
He's building up a network of acquaintances outside his office.
A massive flood paralyzed the local transportation network.
Gang Wives is a Yakuza movie released in 1986 by Toei Distribution Network.
A network of railroads spreads all over Japan.
The term neural net was traditionally used to name a network or circuit of biological neurons.
My computer cannot connect to the network.
Is it possible to reproduce 70 copies of your report which appeared in the November issue of The Network and distribute them to our agents?
A megalopolis is a network of multiple closely linked metropolitan areas.
The president’s speech was broadcast on network television.
I don't really enjoy these conferences, but they're a good opportunity to network.
Which network are you with?
The city has a really great transport network. It's easy to switch between the metro and buses and trams.
Our network is composed of 15 entrepreneurs.
She is also the co-founder of a successful cable TV network.

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