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одеяло in English:

1. blanket blanket

extra blanket
A blanket of silence fell over everyone when they heard the disappointing announcement.
The mountain path was under a blanket of leaves, soft and easy to walk on.
A wet blanket is not always unpleasant when you come to know him well.
This kind of blanket needs good airing.
Don't throw a wet blanket over our conversation.
The earth lay beneath a blanket of snow.
At a hilarious party, one frequently finds a wet blanket sitting next to the life of the party.
The meeting was going off without a hitch until he threw a wet blanket on it by making silly remarks.
The soft blanket is fit for a baby.
Are there not blanket regulations for the whole of Europe?
Soft furnishings, like blankets and cushions, will be particularly useful for the elderly.
Try changing feather pillows, woollen blankets and woollen clothing to cotton or synthetic materials.
They were lying face to face on a beach blanket.
The blanket slid off the bed during the night and I woke up really cold.

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